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We have extensive experience in all aspects of City Wide, Video Analytics, Deep Learning, and Long-term video storage or Cloud Storage.
We offer a perspective on infrastructure and migration options from analog to IP and the latest innovations in security software.


Next Generation Video Search

Industry’s First AI Video Search.


What is it?

As Google Search does for text, IronYun Video Search does for video and in the process, it saves a massive amount of time for operators to get to the pertinent video. Can be used with any VMS.
Over 70 patents awarded for this “next generation” video search platform. Very unique attributes and expansion capabilities when needed not unlike an

 operating system for a smartphone. Being used with over 30,000 cameras …. not vaporware. A fair comparison is comparing Google text search to the Yellow Pages. It’s very fast… as in less than a second. Search platform

can be expanded to Perimeter analytics, Facial Recognition, Li

cense Plate Recognition, Counting cars, people, bikes, motorcycles also.

Learn more about IronYun Video Search.

Proactive CCTV


Data Storage Monitoring and Back up… either locally or cloud-based. Potential RMR opportunity for dealers.

What is it?
Proactive CCTV offers a patent pending one of a kind solution to reduce long-term storage and network bandwidth from approximately 70-90%+.
For example: Store 16 ea 2 MP cameras for 3 years on only 10 TB! (5 FPS/ 1080p/ 75% motion) vs 1100 TB for H.264 and use only .7 MPPS compared to 38 MBPS.
Store locally or local and on Google Enterprise Cloud Store at any frame rate or motion % requirement Use with any VMS Eliminate the possibility of not knowing if your video recording is there from yesterday to 7 years or more. With Pulse Monitoring, ProActive has the capabilities for 24/7 monitoring on each security camera. If a camera goes down or any IP device, ProActive will be alerted immediately and the client will be notified via text or email.

Who Needs Proactive- CCTV?:
The short answer is anyone who is serious about their video storage be it for 60-90 days or for years. You don’t need it until you need it. Anyone who has lost the video archive for slip and falls, workman’s compensation issues, insurance issues, credit card fraud issues, cannabis archive regulations, statue of limitation regulations which can range from 2-7 years we can save the customer a lot of money up front or on an ongoing cost of ownership basis.

Learn more about Proactive CCTV on this informational PDF.

STP Black


An Automated Cyber Action Platform

We’ve created a patent-pending method to increase your threat protection and strengthen your cyber security posture. Free assessment available.

Call us for a webinar and request a free assessment.


Fluid Mesh Networks


Wireless infrastructures for fixed applications.

We focus on delivering fiber-like performances via reliable wireless high-bandwidth connectivity for video, voice, and data. Fluidmesh provides proprietary technologies that deliver rock-solid performance, low operational cost and simple, cost-effective maintenance and reconfiguration.

Call us for more information or help with any wireless requirement. Our units scale well for expanding systems and do up to 10-12 hops with our low latency technology.


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